Japonica Gift Sets

In the East, gifts are made using many intricate details to create a single, stunning presentation. Together with Weaver's, we have produced these alluring gift sets that offer the best of the East Bay, the West Coast, and the Far East. Owner-operator, Valerie Nara, has carefully assembled and selected each premium element to uniquely complement the artisan coffee roasted by Master Roaster John Weaver. These charming sets offers a truly unique and memorable coffee experience.

ZEITAKU Gift Set (foliage not included)

| Jamaica Blue Mountain .5 lb.

| Shibui Vase

| Gingko Wood Coaster

| Keepsake Gift Box


MATCHA | From the Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan

SHIBUI VASE | Inspired by the lines of a gingko leaf, the straight lines etched into the curves of this imported vase gently guides your eyes up to any blossom you place in it. We suggest adding one blossom: "Yugen" - show more by showing less.

GINGKO COASTER | Beautifully designed using salvaged pieces of gingko wood branches that would have otherwise been burned, this coaster offers a modern, yet organic foundation for the Shibui vase. The laser cut sections of wood branches not only attracts the eye, but also engages conversation.

KEEPSAKE GIFT BOX | Made in Thailand from mulberry paper and adorned with a handcrafted paper blossom.