I have utilized this shop for everything, whether it be a flower arrangement for a funeral or a birthday present for a friend. As gift-giving goes, I can always find something charming and unique here...way beyond the expectations of many other "gift shops". As far as flower-arranging, Val has a great eye for color and never discourages my odd color sense. If you don't see what you want on the display floor, ask for a suggestion and she'll pull out more stuff! Where does she hide it all?! However, beyond all of that, Val is probably one of the friendliest and charming shop-owners in the area, if not the world. She never ceases to lift my spirits when I walk into her shop, no matter what my mood. She is the true embodiment of the "Aloha Spirit"! 5.19.08

Roz A.yelp!

San Francisco, CA

this is a neighborhood place for me, but worth a trip across town if you're looking for a gift JAPONICA will have it. . the owner Val has great taste and everything is fantastic. i don't think ive ever seen an item there i wouldn't buy for myself. its small but packed with goods from all over, including local artists. she even has fresh flowers and has a talent for arranging. 5.11.08

Misskim f. yelp!

San Francisco, CA

"I just discovered this place and I love it. I went there a couple of times; I always found what I was looking for and even more! From tableware and airplants to bath salts and purses, she has everything, and everything she has is stylish and original." Have you ever seen airplants?" 4.9.08

Cassandre M. yelp!

San Francisco, CA

"Valerie is a wiz at putting together really fab arrangements. She's also got a great affinity for tropical arrangements. Her little shop is packed with all sorts of gifty items. Bath products from Davies Gate, delicate jewelry from a local artist, some cute & wry little teeshirts for kids, a great series of cards featuring monkeys (so neat and cute!) and more items than I could list. It's also a very good thing that she's in my neck of the woods, too. A literal hop, skip and a jump." 2.19.07

"I went to Valerie for flowers for my wedding. The only thing I had in mind were spider mums. And the color green, more like a spring green. She was fantastic about working with me on ideas for an arrangement for the sign in table, my bouquet, corsages for the moms and the bouttonierres. I especially loved the arrangement, she designed a topiary ball made up of spider mums and smaller mums in the same shade of green. Fantastic!" 12.7.07

Cyndi L. yelp!

San Francisco, CA

"I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Beautiful fresh posies & elegant arrangements & exquisite bibelots! On Saturday around six-ish I ran in from the car while my family waited for the very nice owner, Valerie, to whip up - on the spot - a breathtaking bouquet to take to a party. Very lovely things for babies, moms, in-laws, me, my house, me, and friends. It is easy to have good taste shopping here!!!!" 6.1.07

Paula M. yelp!

Beverly Hills, CA

"I love this shop!!! I live a block away and Valerie always makes me the most amazing arrangements on short notice. Her store front and window are so well done. She really goes the extra mile to give it that special touch. Her gift and card selection are great which include a fabulous selction of rings and necklaces. She has my repeat business because of her great taste & eye for bouquet arrangements." 5.25.07

Rebecca R. yelp!

Oakland, CA formerly of San Francisco, CA

"Friendliest Service - Incredibly beautiful and elegant fresh floral displays and a good selection of gifts and small home decor items with the friendliest and most helpful customer service." 10.5.06

Pros: Service, Great selection of small gifts and accessories

Cons: Parking (Note from Japonica: There is a 10 minute green zone in front)

Posted by philsmom


"Japonica flower arrangements are truly a beautiful mix of a classic style with a modern twist (every angle is a visual delight). Valerie's event planning skills are amazing, be it a corporate Christmas party, wedding (church, bridal party, reception) furnerals . . . she delivers on time and always always with a smile on her face. Japonica's is the first place I go to for gifts and flowers. The variety of gifts is amazing, considering the size of the store: baby items, spectacular jewelry by local artists, photos by local artists, a nice selection of bath items, cards, picture frames, one-of-a-kind purses . you name it, its' there . . you would have to drive to Fillmore St. to find items of equal quality. . . a hidden treasure in the Richmond district." 9.21.06

Kea W. yelp!

San Francisco, CA